House Keeping

House Keeping


We’re committed to ensuring safety while cleaning your home and premises. To this end, we recommend all cleaning areas are clear of household members until it is safe to enter or reuse. Trip hazards such as loose wires, wet floors, and cleaning products pose an immediate risk of injury.

Cleaning products

We ask our customers to provide all necessary and suitable cleaning products to do the job (unless otherwise stated), including detergents, cloths, robust bin liners, bucket(s), sponges, hoover/vacuum, and mops. For deep cleans, we can recommend suitable products if necessary.

Cleaning Advice

If you are unsure how many hours you need our services, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your options. We will help you understand what is required and how long we estimate the job to take. 

When you are happy, we’ll get the job scheduled for you. We recommend an adult is present during the cleaning – especially if you have a new cleaner.

Regularly check-in on your cleaner during the clean and once each area/room is complete so you are 100% satisfied.

Children and Pets

We recommend young children and pets are kept away from all cleaning areas, ensuring they are safe and cleaning is not disrupted or delayed. Why, not (where possible), plan an outdoor activity with our active friends that coincide with the clean.

How do I pay?

You pay the cleaner direct after each clean completed. Typically clients pay their cleaners cash but you can discuss alternative payment methods such as BACS. Our agency fees are paid directly to Crafted Cleans by BACS before the clean(s).